A Noobie Voip Question

  • mohamed adel

    mohamed adel - 2011-12-09

    Hey there, I'm a student doing my project on VoIP, we're Creating a VoIP adapter, and we're planning to test it by creating a small VoIP network that connects with two adapters to two normal phones, I was planning to use openSIPS to perform this function, acting as a voip server, and connecting to the different  Adapters.

    Can anyone help me where to begin with? :)

  • Franklin Lee

    Franklin Lee - 2011-12-12

    since you want to use opensips, i suppose you are using sip protocol. there are several points you can start
    1. test registration. it was the thought at first grance. but it needs to configure opensips with several modules.
    2. you know the ips of adapters. you can write a simple opensips.cfg to test signaling and media directly.
    3. other sip features.
    anyway, it depends on your test plan.