gue - 2010-08-28

I have a few questions about branch routing.  I would like to initiate simultaneous calls to multiple phones and the webinar Types of Routs in OpenSIPS shows how to do it logically with branch routing but as usual the implementation details is where we slip up

1. I understand the part about arming the branch route
2. I understand the part about the branch initiated on the t_relay()) command
3. In the webinar I think I heard that you can only have  1 branch route in the route that the branch route command is in

Is #3 correct or did I miss something because if you can only have 1 branch route command then how do you kick off the multiple simultaneous calls.

Another thing that was not clear to me is:
Once the branch is initiated does processing in the "trunk" stop until processing in the branch is complete and returns to the command following the t_relay())  Or execute the rest of the t_relay() assuming it was initiated from say an if statement ala
if (!t_relay()) {