OpenSIPS gives 408 error when making a call

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-12-01

    Hi all.

    I am a newbie to OpenSIPS. I succeeded in installing it thanks to the webinar 'OpenSIPS kickstart' in I have also installed the OpenSIPS control panel and MySQL based authentication successfully. I was able to register several SIP soft/hard phones and make calls successfully as well (initially).
    But after few minutes I cannot make calls between the phones. It returns a 408 error saying that the user cannot be found in time. The phones are still registered but it seems that OpenSIPS has forgotten the location of the phones. I checked in the MySQL database and it contains the URI s with the IP addresses of each phone in the 'location' table.

    But once a call attempt from one phone fails, immediately afterwards (within 1 minute or so) I can call that phone (the phone which returned the 408 error) from another phone successfully.

    Does OpenSIPS throw away the location info of a user after some time? Please help

    Thanks in Advance


  • apsaras

    apsaras - 2013-01-06

    Hello Akalanka

    Try to run

    opensipsctl ul show

    and see if you can find the phone registration there. If not then you can play with registrar parameters to limit the expiration time

    modparam("registrar", "min_expires", 120)
    modparam("registrar", "max_expires", 120)

    The message that you are getting though seems to be a timeout problem so it is more probable to have problem with the device so check the device and the IP of the device for any firmware bug or network issues.