#646 Offiline RTP Proxy causes system freeze

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I have a setup running multiple RTP Proxy instances, when multiple rtp proxies fail, CPU utilisation approaches 100%, this does not usually happen with 1 or 2 failures, but when 4+ fail (this can even be 4 instances on an 8 core/instance machine), the issues arrise.

The severity of this event happening has caused the system to stop responding for short periods, observations notice intermittent periods of no logging information and substantial packet drops (due to high CPU usage).

Once RTP Proxy instances that have failed come back online, CPU utilisation drops right down and everything functions as expected.


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  • Igor Potjevlesch

    Hello Jonathan,

    Thank you for your reply. So, as I understand, you can reproduce the problem by increasing the number of concurrent calls on a single RTP Proxy server?
    Just to know, how much calls cause the crash?

    Kinds Regards, Igor

  • Digipigeon

    Digipigeon - 2013-08-28

    I can reproduce it if I set our dispatcher to go to a single server. The problem is worsened by using a single RTP server as well.

    I can reproduce this with as little as 300 calls on a 2X Quad Core 2Ghz box.

    Kind Regards Jonathan

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