#32 New OpenSER function: t_add_final_response

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We've encountered a problem with the current branch
handling. Suppose the
following setup:

Phones A, X, Y all in the same net, connected to
OpenSER. Phones X and Y are
both registered with the same number. Additionally
phone X has a redirection
to some other phone.

Phone A calls the number of phone X. OpenSER branches
and the INVITE is sent
to both X and Y.

Phone Y is ringing and Phone X sends 302 to OpenSER.
Here's the problem: the
302 is held while Y still rings. A gets bored and hangs
up, which releases
the 302: it is sent to the hung up phone A.

In behalf of Marc Haisenko <haisenko@comdasys.com>

What we want to happen instead is to consider 302 to be
a final response in
this case and immediately forward it to A, and cancel Y.

First I've hardcoded this as I needed to understand
what's happening, how the
branching works and generally where I need OpenSER to
kick ;-) After I've
found out I thought about implementing this in a more
clean way as we'll
probably need to handle other responses the same way.

My current solution looks like this: I've added new
t_add_final_response("123") for reply routes which adds
123 to the list of
response codes that should be considered final. The
patch I've attached
allows you to specify up to 8 such responses, definable
through config.h.

It works as expected, but before I finalize and submit
the patch I'd like some
feedback from you, especially on where to put methods
and whether the
approach I've used is good or whether you know a better

Thanks a lot,


  • Henning Westerholt

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    This patch is rather old, is it still needed?




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