#213 Fix transformation tobody.params

ver 1.5.x
core (30)

The transofrmation tobody.params can't handle quoted parameters well. If the last parameter is quoted, the output of the transofrmation is truncated by 2 characters.. Attached patch fixes this.


  • Alex Hermann

    Alex Hermann - 2010-07-27
    • summary: Fix transofrmation toboyd.params --> Fix transformation tobody.params
  • Daniel-Constantin Mierla

    I reverted the commit on 1.5 branch - it was incomplete as the compilation got broken. Also, there should not be any commit on the trunk branch, the devel version is now on GIT repository hosted at git.sip-router.org.

    The bug tracker in use is as well by sip-router.org:

    Back to issue, apart of breaking the compilation, it could be a solution to store the hook for start of parameters and the length, but I didn't understand why you changed the len of quoted value.

    Moreover, there are other places that needs to be updated when the to_body structure is updated with new attributes storing pointers, like cloning for TM transactions.

  • Alex Hermann

    Alex Hermann - 2010-07-28

    Well, not a good start :(

    I split the patch into 2 parts.

    Part 1: Fix a off-by-one bug in parsing quoted parameters. The parameter value is shortened by 1 character.

    Part 2: Fix the tobody.params tranformation when the last paremeter has a quoted value. I found another solution: Just assume the parameter list ends on the end of the header line that gets pushed to the parser. Seems to work just as well, and prevents adjusting the rest of the code (tm).

  • Alex Hermann

    Alex Hermann - 2010-07-28

    Fix off-by-one bug for quoted parameter values in parse_to

  • Alex Hermann

    Alex Hermann - 2010-07-28

    Fix transormation tobody.params when last parameter has a quoted value

  • Daniel-Constantin Mierla

    Thanks! Patches committed on git master branch and 1.5 for now.

  • Daniel-Constantin Mierla

    • assigned_to: nobody --> miconda
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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