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New FreeOSEK webpage

A new FreeOSEK web page is available. We are still developing it but the design is almost finished, you can find it under

Posted by Mariano Cerdeiro 2009-04-13

FreeOSEK Release 0.2.41 beta is available

We are glad to inform you that a new FreeOSEK release is available:

FreeOSEK release 0.2.41 beta.

You can download it from:

Best Regards,
FreeOSEK Team.

Posted by Mariano Cerdeiro 2009-04-01

OpenSEK is now FreeOSEK RTOS

A new name was requested on SourceForge for OpenSEK project, now it is called FreeOSEK RTOS.

FreeOSEK is a scalable solution for embedded system. FreeOSEK OS is based on OSEK RTOS specification (OSEK-VDX). FreeOSEK is now ported to Win/Posix (for simulation of embedded systems) and to ARM7 tested on LPC2468.

Posted by Mariano Cerdeiro 2009-03-17

New OpenSEK Release 0.2.4

New OpenSEK Release 0.2.4 20090314 is now available. You can download it from:

Posted by Mariano Cerdeiro 2009-03-14

OpenSEK Beta Release

OpenSEK Beta Release was released 2009/09/22.

Posted by Mariano Cerdeiro 2008-09-23