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0.42 Released

OpenSebJ v0.42 has now been officially released. All dependencies on Managed Direct X have been removed and been replaced with a full set of Open Source API's instead. SDL.Net and OpenAL.Net are now used to support play back and audio recording functions which were previously provided by Direct X.

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2009-01-10


OpenSebJ has now surpassed 100,000 downloads. It's a little moment in the projects history and a momentous occasion for all involved.

Thanks to every one who has contributed to the project, through code, example compositions, feature suggestions, requests, comments, criticisms and moral support. It has been a fantastic journey thus far and we look forward to the continuing experience.

The OpenSebJ team.

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2007-07-18

OpenSebJ Released - v0.41

A small incremental release; you can now select an alternative audio device..

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2007-04-15

OpenSebJ Released - v0.4

Version 0.4 (Still in Beta) has been released.

Check out the changes in the change log or release notes; notable notes of changes are:

- Assigned samples should be able to be triggered when any OpenSebJ window has the focus - including the VJ window (So now you can launch it full screen and tap out your beats and visuals at the same time in one interface.)
- The bulk of the change request raised since the last release have been included; if you have a suggestion, put it in the tracker and we will check it out.... read more

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2007-03-30

OpenSebJ - vScaleNotes - Capability Demonstration

OpenSebJ is continuing on the up & up - with over 65,000 downloads under the belt; advanced audio and video mixing capabilities, a new track editor for even stronger pre-production composition coupled with continued and extending support for real time sample mixing; all touched up and packaged within a new Professional interface. OpenSebJ is positioned as a real contender for all your music mixing, audio composition and real time audio performance needs.... read more

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2007-03-24

OpenSebJ Released - v0.3

Done and dusted. OpenSebJ - Professional Edition; Beta Version 0.3 has been released. To many changes to mention here - check the change log.

Feedback, as always, welcomed. Send it through the forums, email, mailing list, bug tracker or carrier monkey (preferably the non-diseased type).

The new audio search engine is also now on-line and available at let us know if you think any other sites should be included in the index.... read more

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2007-02-11

0.3 Soon But Not So Soon; Just Soon

So In the last update I said "OpenSebJ 0.3 is going to be a big release and it's coming to a download site near you soon." & well, thanks to my vague statement I'm still on track to meet my promise, it's just that the Soon is going to be a little longer than most other Soon's. It however, can not be helped. It's just such a big release.

Since my last post, I haven't received any cries of anguish about the lack of backwards support for save files from version pre 0.3; and as such I have continued to focus on the core aspects for this deliverable. ... read more

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2007-02-08

OpenSebJ Release 0.3 - Coming Soon

OpenSebJ 0.3 is going to be a big release and it's coming to a download site near you soon. A lot of effort has been placed in the UI and as a result OpenSebJ has incurred a reduction of the colour black and an increase in professionalism. OpenSebJ 0.3 will throw down the shackles of the "Ghetto Edition" and will instead pick up the sophistication of a well oiled, stream lined, cut and polished - "Professional Edition". ... read more

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2007-01-21

OpenSebJ Beta 0.2 Release - Introducing VJing

The audio music mixing program OpenSebJ, just got better with it's
latest release.
It introduces the capability for basic VJ'ing. You can now
load and associate videos (.AVI .MPG .WMV .ASF & more) as well as loading
static images (.JPG .BMP .PNG & more) and associating them to samples as
well. This allows for realtime composition of video to go with the music
you master. I.e. if you load a small drum sample you can assign an image
to that sample, each time the drum sample is played your image is also
displayed. If you want to get more sophisticated then you can load a
video. There currently isn't any real limit on the size of the videos but
it would generally work better with small clips that then fit better
together across the complete work. Included with the download is a small
effect video that you can use to try out this capability.... read more

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2006-10-15

OpenSebJ Beta v0.12 Released

OpenSebJ - The windows Open Source real-time audio mixing program has released it's Beta version 0.12. This release is primarily a bug fix and re-factor release, full details can be found in the change log.

This release is designed to bide everyone over until the next major beta release; which will include a preliminary VJ mixer.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop by the forums or the relevant trackers and let us know.... read more

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2006-08-20

OpenSebJ Beta v0.11 Released

OpenSebJ the live audio mixing sampler has released Beta Version 0.11 - containing a few new feature improvements and bug fixes, see below for details:

----v0.11 Beta-----------------------------------------------------------------
New Functionality::

Set keys:

+ Using <CTRL> and an assigned key will now stop the sample from playing.


+ Cross fader implemented.

Sample Properties:

+ Unckecing 'Loop' now does not stop the sample from playing - it only
prevents the sample from re-looping. This is to help live composition
utilise the boundaries of samples and not be 100% perfect when stopping
samples.... read more

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2006-07-16

OpenSebJ Beta v0.1 Released!

With this is new, features galore, release - a Beta Release milestone has been achieved!
Beta v0.1 includes new functionality possibly not previously found (I haven't done extensive searching so I won't claim anything I can't back up here) in any audio mixing application (commercial or otherwise). The scratch (tape n mix) window has been improved to make use of the wave graphing functionality so that the wave is visual form is visual while scratching up samples. The lay down tool now also includes the wave graph visualisation for each instance of a sample. Saving & Loading has been extended to virtually everything within the application, centrally controlled through the "Load Samples" option. The Beat Box has been fully implemented & speed improvements incorporated. Additionally a few minor modifications have been incorporated to support the disperse tool wide approach, ensuring you can close and open windows and ensure that no information is lost in the process.

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2006-05-13

OpenSebJ Released - v0.07

OpenSebJ is an audio production & mixing tool, featuring a - Sequencer, Beat Box, Wave Recording, Frequency Modulation, DJ Scratch interface and sampler playback (the ability to assign any sample to any key) Changelog Below:

New Functionality::

Beat Box:

+ A beat box has been added. Standard type of functions, adjustment to
the BPM, On-Off initialisation interface for each sample channel.
Currently only supports the first 5 samples.
+ Calculate the ticks per second required for the selected BPM
+ Select a BMP. Tick = 6000 / BPM.
+ Each tick advances the position of the ticker by one & then plays
the appropriate sample(s)... read more

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2006-05-01

OpenSebJ Released - v0.06a

OpenSebJ is an audio production & mixing tool, featuring a - Sequencer, Beat Box, Wave Recording, Frequency Modulation, DJ Scratch interface and sampler playback (the ability to assign any sample to any key) - For Windows, written in C# .Net 2.0 utilising DirectX

0.06a is an incremental release of 0.06 (with no application code base changes) to address issues of Manage DirectX detection during installation. Pre-requisites are now mandatory, to complete installation - previously the option to complete the installation without the mandatory components was available but this has lead to confusion amongst the wider community.

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2006-04-30

OpenSebJ Released - v0.06

Another release for OpenSebJ - an Open Source real time audio mixing tool - has been released. This release allows positions on the multi track editor to be recorded to in real time. Bug fixes have also been included in this package.

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2006-01-15

OpenSebJ Released - v0.05

OpenSebJ - Realtime Audio Sample Mixing v0.05; New features include a frequency modulator, allowing samples to be pre-set with a frequency loop. This can be triggered in realtime using all the existing tools.

The setup package now checks for the .Net Framework 2.0 and DirectX9.0c

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2006-01-11

OpenSebJ Released - v0.04

OpenSebJ - Realtime Audio Sample Mixing v0.04; New features include Stream to Disk audio recording and looping capabilities in the Lay Down (sequencer) tool.

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2006-01-03

OpenSebJ Released - v0.03

OpenSebJ is a pre and post production music mixing tool; allowing both realtime composition and per-setup replay. v0.03 introduces:

Tape N Splice:
+ Tape N Splice functionality added, allows for
re-positioning of a sample mid-play to any other
position within the sample. Multiple Splice windows
can be opened at the same time for additional effect.
Can simulate scratching and provides interesting
effects when used with a reversed sample - try turning
the samples frequency all the way up for the best
simulated scratch.... read more

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2005-12-23

OpenSebJ Released - v0.02

About: OpenSebJ is a pre and post production music mixing tool; allowing both realtime composition and per-setup replay.

New Functionality::

+ Migrated to Visual Studio .Net 2005 Express (Utalising the .Net Framework, version 2.0)

Sample Properties:
+ Added the set key option

Bug Fixes::

Lay Down:
+ Removed the full screen form action from the double click on the tool bar
+ Fixed the issue for sample scroll - allows all samples to be used in the lay down window

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2005-12-17

OpenSebJ Released - v0.01

OpenSebJ has been released, although still an Alpha product it is already a versatile and useable audio sample mixing tool; powered by Managed Direct X. Tools already include a virtual synthesiser, allowing you to assign samples to keys to punch out beats - a lay down tool for visual organisation of samples, resizing the length to the duration - full control of the sample properties, including pan, frequency, volume, looping and reversing - and simulated decks, for some mix up amusement. This project is new and looking for fresh ideas, so jump in to the forums and let your imagination take the better of you with feature requests.

Posted by Sebastian Gray 2005-10-08

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