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<BASE HREF="" /> not i...

  • Kalibao

    Kalibao - 2010-08-05

    Hi Emmanuel!

    It seems that <BASE HREF=""/> is not interpreted by the crawler.

    Is this functionality implemented in OSS?


    Pierre H.

    New Caledonia (de l'autre côté de la Terre)

  • Emmanuel Keller

    Emmanuel Keller - 2010-08-05

    Hi Pierre ! The <base> tag is not yet supported. The web crawler must
    implement this functionality. Let me inform you when it will be available in
    the 1.2 release.

  • Kalibao

    Kalibao - 2010-08-05

    I am very impatient.

    Thank you Emmanuel for your work.

    Pierre H.

    New Caledonia

  • spabhat

    spabhat - 2010-08-09

    Hi Emmanuel,

    I am working on a site that is totally based on the <BASE HREF=""/> Tag.

    I noticed that OSS has wrongly calculated URLs and the URL browser is now
    flooded with many wrong URLs.

    Could you let me know me a way to delete all URLs in the URL browser?

    It would be quite tough to delete the index itself as there are many fields
    being in created.

    Hope there is another way.

    Thanking you in advance.


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