search clustering

  • Anonymous - 2010-05-30

    will this support clustering .... like hadoop or any other please explain.....

  • Emmanuel Keller

    Emmanuel Keller - 2010-05-30

    The 1.2 release will introduce a replication feature. This first step helps
    building a clustered environment with fail-over and load-balancing

    The OSS roadmap contains a topic called "cloud" planned for the 1.4 branch.
    The functional specifications are not yet defined. All proposals are welcome !
    We have in mind distributed environments for crawler and index, and a public

    If your question is about performance, the actual performances are quite good.
    We have several instances in production with larges indices (around 100GB)
    with millions of documents running on standard server (4/8 cores, 4/8 GB or

    However, we will have a boost of performances in the next branch (1.3) with a
    new feature called "OSS Engine". All details will be unveiled later this

  • Anonymous - 2010-05-31

    we are planning oss for 1 billion document with 10 nodes as clusters and we
    have tested in standalone system and it is satisfying our needs ,..... is
    there any possible way to do clustering ..... in hadoop or cloud....computing
    or else please guide us to do that .......


  • Emmanuel Keller

    Emmanuel Keller - 2010-06-01

    We ran a prototype last year with 6 nodes (one crawler, one load balancer and
    four children).

    There was one unique crawler in charge of building 4 separated indices.

    Each index was copied on the children.

    We can try to exhume it, if you are interested.

  • Anonymous - 2010-06-02

    ya we are interested can you please tell me what should we do for that....

  • Emmanuel Keller

    Emmanuel Keller - 2010-06-08

    We will release the 1.2 within next ten days. After that, we will exhume our
    "distributed search" features and add it to the 1.2.1 branch. It should be
    available in beta by the end of this month (june). Is this planning ok for you


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