Search and Index: Problem finding the docs

  • Tiani

    Tiani - 2014-07-09


    I have a problem when searching document with OSS.
    I am still using OSS v1.5.4-SNAPSHOT - build 9d2137feea, I use OSS to index files on a share.
    I used the standard config and changed StandardAnalyser to include EdgeAndGram filter.

    1-when I search for "agfhjfu" I got x files listed, when I type only a, I got the same number of files listed. And obviously the word "agfhjfu" should not even list any output but still does!!!

    2- when I use the contentExact:"what ever name", OSS list documents that does not contain the word I searched

    3- where can I find some doc about all the parameters used in OSS?

    many thanks

  • Alexandre Toyer

    Alexandre Toyer - 2014-07-16

    Hi Tiani,

    I entered an answer but it has vanished... Here it is again:

    EdgeNGram filter can cause lots of strange behaviour. How did you configure it? Can you please send us screenshot of your schema, analyzers and queries?

    You will find documentation on our website:



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