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USARSim integration

We are finally begining the integration with the USARSim simulator. It is going good so far, so we expect major advances in the next few days.
There have been also major improvements to the OpenSDK architecture.

Posted by Nuno Lopes 2007-02-01

Socket listen working

After some contributions from Marco Barbosa we now have TCP soket listening working. In result, the EchoServer example is now working correctly. The work will continue to bring full networking support (both TCP and UDP) to the project.

Posted by Nuno Lopes 2006-10-29

Message Passing is working now

Today we were finally able to make the message passing between objects work. It was a quite hard challenge, but it's working! :)
Check the Screenshots above to see a nice snapshot of a sample program.

Posted by Nuno Lopes 2006-07-18