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Created Updated Type Component Version Priority Blocker
2548 amfa: process crashed when registering component without SA_AMF_COMPONENT_NAME 5.17.07 review Nguyen TK Luu Nguyen TK Luu 2017-08-09 2017-08-11 defect amf minor False  
2409 amf: Issues with the printing of CLC CLI command environment variables in traces 5.18.01 review Nguyen TK Luu Nguyen TK Luu 2017-04-03 2017-11-03 defect amf minor False  
2404 Amf : amfd crashed on active controller when executing the campaign for application upgrade. 5.0.2 fixed Nagendra Kumar Madhurika Koppula 2017-03-30 2017-04-05 defect amf 5.2RC1 major None  
2387 amf: choose CLM unlocked spare controller for standby role in failover situation 5.0.2 fixed Praveen Ritu Raj 2017-03-17 2017-03-23 defect amf 5.2.RC1 major None  
2371 AMF: NPM app went into unstable state while expanding cluster future duplicate Praveen Chani Srivastava 2017-03-14 2017-03-28 defect amf major None  
2366 AMF: Procedure safSmfProc=AddSIsAndCSIs failed while adding more SIs and CSIs to NWAY application 5.2.RC1 duplicate Neelakanta Reddy Chani Srivastava 2017-03-11 2017-03-13 defect amf major None  
2365 AMF: Active controller went for continuous reboots when an NPM app is upgraded with more SIs and CSIs never invalid Praveen Chani Srivastava 2017-03-11 2017-03-15 defect amf major None  
2361 AMFD: amfd crashed with healthCheckcallbackTimeout causing both controllers to reboot 5.0.2 fixed Nagendra Kumar Chani Srivastava 2017-03-10 2017-03-30 defect amf 5.2 FC major None  
2338 amfd got crashed while changing role from queised to active 5.2.RC1 fixed Nagendra Kumar Ritu Raj 2017-03-03 2017-03-10 defect amf 5.2.FC major None  
2321 Incorrect error messages "mkfifo already exists" observed in syslog 5.2.RC1 fixed Nagendra Kumar Ritu Raj 2017-02-23 2017-03-07 defect amf 5.2.MO-1 minor None  
2255 amf: change saAmfCompCmdEnv attribute to writable 5.2.FC fixed Nguyen TK Luu Long H Buu Nguyen 2017-01-09 2017-02-08 enhancement amf major None  
2096 AMF : SG in unstable state for fault in component during admin unlock (headless) future duplicate Minh Hon Chau Srikanth R 2016-10-05 2017-03-08 defect amf major None  
2023 AMF : Long DN RT objects creation failed with ERR_TOO_LONG (13) future assigned Minh Hon Chau Srikanth R 2016-09-10 2017-01-24 defect amf 5.1.FC minor None  
2022 AMF : amfd asserted for NG lock operation ( quiesced timeout - Nway model)) 5.1.RC2 fixed Praveen Srikanth R 2016-09-10 2016-09-20 defect amf 5.1.FC major None  
2009 AMF: App Si is moving to UNASSIGNED state after middleware failover 5.0.2 fixed Praveen Srikanth R 2016-09-08 2016-11-14 defect amf 5.1.FC minor None  
1553 AMF: Send CsiSetCallback immediately when CSI attributes are modified (loadbalancing, VM migration usecases) 5.1.FC fixed Praveen Mathi Naickan 2015-10-21 2016-09-20 enhancement amf major None  
1465 Don't send alarm "SI has no current active assignments" if node is locked future wontfix Hans Nordebäck Hans Nordebäck 2015-08-28 2016-02-22 enhancement amf major None  
1365 amfd: accesses null pointer during node failover 4.5.2 fixed Nagendra Kumar Nagendra Kumar 2015-05-04 2015-05-06 defect amf 4.4 minor None  
539 AMF: support for changing comp/hc-type attributes 4.4.RC1 fixed Hans Feldt Hans Feldt 2013-08-09 2014-05-12 enhancement amf 4.2 major None  
398 AMF internal HA issues future unassigned Nagendra Kumar 2013-05-31 2017-04-03 enhancement amf 4.2.0 major None  
327 amf: OpenSAF environment variables inherited by AMF started processes never wontfix Mathi Naickan Praveen 2013-05-24 2015-08-07 enhancement amf major None  
277 amf :AMF can not handle commands with more than 10 arguments. future unassigned Praveen 2013-05-20 2017-04-03 enhancement amf 4.2.0 minor None  
70 AMF support for Container and contained components future assigned Praveen Nagendra Kumar 2013-05-13 2017-07-21 enhancement amf 4.4 major False  
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