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Created Updated Type Component Version Priority
1913 log: improve test cases for log service 5.1.FC accepted Canh Truong Vu Minh Nguyen 2016-07-14 2016-07-14 enhancement log major  
1906 clm: add support for long DN 5.1.FC review Zoran Milinkovic Zoran Milinkovic 2016-07-04 2016-07-15 enhancement clm major  
1905 base: Refactor the OpenSAF Mailbox / IPC 5.1.FC accepted Anders Widell Anders Widell 2016-07-04 2016-07-04 enhancement base 5.1.M0 minor  
1902 AMF: Extend escalation support during headless 5.1.FC review Minh Hon Chau Minh Hon Chau 2016-06-29 2016-07-07 enhancement amf major  
1898 log: update OpenSAF_LOG_PR for long DN 5.1.FC accepted Vu Minh Nguyen Vu Minh Nguyen 2016-06-28 7 days ago enhancement log major  
1884 plm: add support for running on spare nodes 5.1.FC accepted Alex Jones Mathi Naickan 2016-06-20 2016-07-08 enhancement plm major  
1874 ckpt: fix cppcheck warning 5.1.FC review Vo Minh Hoang Vo Minh Hoang 2016-06-13 2016-06-13 enhancement ckpt minor  
1859 fm: Add support for STONITH fencing 5.1.FC review Hans Nordebäck Hans Nordebäck 2016-06-01 2016-06-22 enhancement fm major  
1850 amfd: Change uniformly the value of stby_sync_state 5.1.FC accepted Nagendra Kumar Hans Nordebäck 2016-05-25 2016-07-07 enhancement amf 5.1 FC major  
1828 AMF: Both director and node director hang if immnd dies in new SC reallocation scenario 5.1.FC review Minh Hon Chau Minh Hon Chau 2016-05-16 2016-07-12 enhancement amf major  
1749 amf: Incorrect ER in syslog 5.1.FC accepted Nagendra Kumar elunlen 2016-04-12 2016-04-26 enhancement osaf minor  
1737 pyosaf: Add __str__ method to SaNameT class 5.1.FC review Quyen Dao Quyen Dao 2016-04-07 2016-05-25 enhancement pyosaf major  
1725 AMF: Recover transient SUSIs left over from headless 5.1.FC accepted Minh Hon Chau Minh Hon Chau 2016-04-06 5 days ago enhancement amf 5.0 FC major  
1704 imm: Use nanosecond resolution for time measurements 5.1.FC accepted Hung Nguyen Anders Widell 2016-03-18 21 hours ago enhancement imm minor  
1642 AMF: Support DNs longer than 255 bytes 5.1.FC review Long HB Nguyen Long HB Nguyen 2015-12-15 2 days ago enhancement amf major  
1634 smfd: NG lock and unlock in single step upgrade 5.1.FC review elunlen Ingvar Bergström 2015-12-14 2016-06-17 enhancement smf major  
1608 amf: Support N_WAY model for admin operations on node group. 5.1.FC review Praveen Praveen 2015-11-24 22 hours ago enhancement amf major  
1585 NTF: Refactor logging long dn notification 5.1.FC review Vu Minh Nguyen Minh Hon Chau 2015-11-05 5 days ago enhancement ntf major  
1574 CKPT: Support DNs longer than 255 bytes 5.1.FC review Pham Hoang Nhat Pham Hoang Nhat 2015-10-28 2016-06-20 enhancement ckpt major  
1572 smf: Node by node upgrade 5.1.FC accepted Rafael Ingvar Bergström 2015-10-28 2016-04-11 enhancement smf major  
1553 AMF: Send CsiSetCallback immediately when CSI attributes are modified (loadbalancing, VM migration usecases) 5.1.FC accepted Praveen Mathi Naickan 2015-10-21 22 hours ago enhancement amf major  
1454 amf: Support N+M model for shutdown operation on node group 5.1.FC review Praveen Anders Widell 2015-08-14 22 hours ago enhancement amf major  
1431 PLM: support virtualization of EEs future review Alex Jones Alex Jones 2015-07-31 2016-07-19 enhancement plm major  
1396 log: issue with priority of messages adding to mailbox in the server 5.0.FC review Canh Truong Vu Minh Nguyen 2015-06-29 2016-06-13 enhancement log minor  
1330 LOG: Incorrect usage of saImmRtObjectDelete when terminating an app stream with config obj 5.1.FC review Vu Minh Nguyen elunlen 2015-04-22 7 days ago enhancement log major  
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