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Created Updated Type Component Version Priority
2397 log: cache RFC5424 msgid when log stream is created 5.2.RC2 review Vu Minh Nguyen Vu Minh Nguyen 1 day ago 13 hours ago defect log major  
2396 base: Use dlopen to avoid LSB violation 5.2.RC2 accepted Anders Widell Anders Widell 1 day ago 1 day ago defect base major  
2395 CKPT: Performance degradation upto 200% 5.2.RC2 unassigned Chani Srivastava 1 day ago 1 day ago defect ckpt major  
2394 clm: add clm tool commands for admin op and state check. next accepted Praveen Praveen 2 days ago 2 days ago enhancement clm major  
2392 amf: PR doc updates for 5.2 release. 5.2.RC2 accepted Praveen Praveen 2 days ago 2 days ago enhancement amf major  
2391 IMM: OI should not receive callbacks on a locked node 5.2.RC2 accepted Neelakanta Reddy Chani Srivastava 2 days ago 1 day ago defect imm major  
2390 lck: integrate with CLM future accepted Alex Jones Alex Jones 3 days ago 3 days ago enhancement lck major  
2388 imm: active node rebooted due immd assertion failure 5.2.RC2 assigned Neelakanta Reddy M Chandrasekhar 4 days ago 10 hours ago defect imm 5.2.RC1 minor  
2385 plm: fix all Cppcheck 1.77 issues future unassigned A V Mahesh (AVM) 2017-03-17 2017-03-17 defect plm minor  
2384 tools: IMM/tools/apitest fix all Cppcheck 1.77 issues next assigned A V Mahesh (AVM) A V Mahesh (AVM) 2017-03-17 2017-03-17 defect imm minor  
2383 log: Both active and standby sites own the same log file name but different fd in share file system 5.0.2 review Canh Truong Canh Truong 2017-03-16 2017-03-17 defect unknown major  
2381 clmd: clm admin operation returns BAD_OP after rebooting node 5.0.2 assigned Praveen Ritu Raj 2017-03-16 2017-03-16 defect clm 5.2.RC1 major  
2377 AMF: SG in unstable state after couple of admin operations during headless scenario 5.2.RC2 assigned Nagendra Kumar Srikanth R 2017-03-15 2017-03-16 defect amf 5.2.FC major  
2376 AMFD: IMM Jobs are not executed in ordered cluster shutdown 5.0.2 review Minh Hon Chau Minh Hon Chau 2017-03-15 2 days ago defect amf major  
2372 amf/clm: CLM lock of two more nodes returns REPAIR_PENDING for first node. 5.0.2 accepted Praveen Praveen 2017-03-14 1 day ago defect clm default major  
2371 AMF: NPM app went into unstable state while expanding cluster 5.2.RC2 assigned Praveen Chani Srivastava 2017-03-14 2017-03-17 defect amf major  
2369 Java: consolidated clm java issue 5.0.2 assigned Praveen Ritu Raj 2017-03-13 2017-03-16 defect java 5.2.FC major  
2367 imm: Improve ccb error string handling next accepted Hung Nguyen Hung Nguyen 2017-03-13 2017-03-13 enhancement imm major  
2361 AMFD: amfd crashed with healthCheckcallbackTimeout causing both controllers to reboot 5.0.2 review Nagendra Kumar Chani Srivastava 2017-03-10 2017-03-14 defect amf 5.2 FC major  
2360 mdstest 14 4 failed 5.2.RC2 accepted A V Mahesh (AVM) Quyen Dao 2017-03-10 2 days ago defect mds 5.2.M0 minor  
2359 imm: incorrect error code when more than 10000 objects are set in saImmOmAdminOwnerSet 5.0.2 unassigned Zoran Milinkovic 2017-03-09 2017-03-09 defect imm major  
2357 mds: Use Doxygen comments instead of ODT document for MDS API future unassigned Anders Widell 2017-03-08 2017-03-08 enhancement mds minor  
2354 osaf: How to detect if payload is being in "SC Absence" mode. 5.0.2 unassigned Praveen 2017-03-08 2017-03-08 discussion osaf minor  
2351 Opensaf failed to start on CLM locked node 5.0.2 assigned Praveen Chani Srivastava 2017-03-07 4 days ago defect base 5.2.FC major  
2343 IMM: immnd failed to spawn while starting opensaf on controller 5.2.RC2 assigned Neelakanta Reddy Chani Srivastava 2017-03-03 2017-03-13 defect imm major  
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