#934 IMM: Allow modifications of opensafImmSyncBatchSize config atttribute


This is related to enhancement [#682].

Modifying the value of the opensafImmSyncBatchSize attribute in the OpenSAF IMM
service object 'opensafImm=opensafImm,safApp=safImmService' currently requires
the PBE to be disabled. While this is not a big problem, since changes to this
value would be rare, it is a problem that should be easy to fix.

The IMM service implements its own "OI" in a way that is not quite normal.
some logic resides in the IMMND server while some logic resides in the PBE
process and only gets executed if the PBE is enabled. The latter follows
the normal OI communication paths (the main task of the PBE process is not
that of handling OI requestsdirected at the IMM service).

Currently the OI implementation for the IMM in the PBE is simplistic, rejecting
any and all updates to the OpensAF IMM service object.
This needs to be done:

1) The PBE based IMM OI should perform validation and accept modifications
that make sense.

2) When PBE is disabled, the IMM server should catch updates that would
normally have reached the PBE and at least perform sanity checks.


Tickets: #682
Tickets: #934
Wiki: NEWS-4.5.0


  • Anders Bjornerstedt

    • status: assigned --> accepted
  • Anders Bjornerstedt

    • status: accepted --> review
  • Anders Bjornerstedt

    Will push this on wednesday Jul 16 if there are no objections.

  • Anders Bjornerstedt

    • status: review --> fixed
  • Anders Bjornerstedt

    changeset: 5466:a63cbe718e35
    tag: tip
    user: Anders Bjornerstedt anders.bjornerstedt@ericsson.com
    date: Mon Jul 07 12:13:11 2014 +0200
    summary: IMM: PBE allows config changes on opensafImm=opensafImm,safApp=safImmService [#934]



    Tickets: #934

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