Introductory notes on OpenRPT

1) Up until very recently, the writer was available only inside of the ERP system, and the renderer was built into the backend as well. You will probably still notice legacy behavior associated with this.

2) The writer (OpenRPT binary) is similar in functionality to Crystal Reports or the Microsoft Access report writer.

3) The renderer (RPTrender binary) lets you take your report definitions (created with the OpenRPT writer) and process them against a database to create printed reports.

4) The renderer uses a simple scripting language called 'MetaSQL' which allows you to write more dynamic SQL queries.

5) There's certainly a great deal of work left to do, but we hope you'll agree we're off to a good start. Some things on our TODO list:

* Add support for columns
* Print/preview feature
* Multi-lingual support
* Additional drawing primitives
* .PDF-generation support
* Additional supported databases
* Ability to define report parameters at runtime, and save them in report's XML def
* Allow RPTrender to retrieve parameters from report def (see above) and display default values
* Auto read tables to create SQL and report definition objects
* Auto create SQL and MetaSQL
* Visually define table joins

Posted by Ned Lilly 2005-04-16

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