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  • Jose Enrique

    Jose Enrique - 2007-02-21

    I'm new in web reporting. So, I have researched about a tool like Crystal Report based on Web Reporting and OpenRPT has many of my requirements.
    I already downloaded openrpt-2.0.0-source.tar.bz2, but I don't see for anywhere how I can install it. Please, if someone may provide documentations that indicate me how to do a acceptable installation I appreciate you.

    • Kibroo

      Kibroo - 2007-05-06

      I am facing the same problem. Can anyone down there help

      Thanks in advance

      • Chris Ryan

        Chris Ryan - 2007-05-07

        If you download a precompiled version then you should just have to extract the executables and supporting files and run the application. If you want to compile from the source then you need to install and have properly setup and configured Qt4 with Qt3support. With that requirement met you can run qmake; make; in the openrpt directory and it will compile the entire toolset and libraries for openrpt.

    • trevor

      trevor - 2007-07-15

      OK.  So how does one install and properly configure Qt4 with Qt3 support?

      • Chris Ryan

        Chris Ryan - 2007-07-17

        When you compile Qt there is a configuration option -qt3support which should be the default. This creates a Qt3Support library and enables a few other backward compatibility support features. While I don't use precompiled version of Qt I would imagine most should come with that functionality already enabled.



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