Printing labels

  • Mathias Krause

    Mathias Krause - 2010-08-31


    i have another question, and hopefully it's the last one:

    I want to print on a DIN A4 page, where labels are defined. That means, that there're 3 labels in a line, and 5 under each other. Is there a way to render the information which is caught by SQL in fileds? What i mean: It's no problem, to print one field under each other, but as the labels are also beside each other, i want to print more than one query in one line… is that possible?

    And again: Thanks for this great peace of software!

  • Chris Ryan

    Chris Ryan - 2010-08-31

    OpenRPT does support the notion of a label report. The labels are predefined and we currently only support a couple. Adding labels at this time requires updating the source code but it seems you are already doing that based on your last fix. If you wanted to add a new label format and submit the changes to us we could include it in the next release as well. Take a look at openrpt/OpenRPT/common/labelsizeinfo.cpp. All the changes you should need to make would be near the top of that file.

  • Mathias Krause

    Mathias Krause - 2010-09-01

    Ah. Now I see! Thanks for that information. Didn't realize before, that setting the page as label enables to print one beside each other. Working fine. (Also a litte buggy, i think: The Header and Footer ist still a header for the whole site, but the site, dran in Editor is only including one label size … but that's no problem !).
    I will propably add a new label description in the source code, and of course, if that's working, i will commit the sources…

    Thanks for your support!


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