MySQL Confusion

  • Randy Millner

    Randy Millner - 2011-07-16

    I only see 5  year old posts about MySQL being supported, yet current web pages show MySQL is supported.
    I saw another old post claiming qt would bring in MySQL, yet I have no MySQL option.
    I do not have the luxury of changing from MySQL.
    Which ODBC driver if I need to go that route?
    Does the commercial version support MySQL? I define support by being able to support MySQL Natively.
    I need a Linux report writer for MySQL that works.

  • Chris Ryan

    Chris Ryan - 2011-07-18

    If you have Qt's MySQL plugin installed then it will allow you to use that. We haven't been distributing that plugin as it's not included with the Qt's default install for their SDK. If you are on linux you could get the plugin from an RPM by installing it. Otherwise you would have to find another source for that plugin, either from building Qt yourself or some other source on the internet.


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