• Chris Laurie

    Chris Laurie - 2005-04-26

    The webpage says that one could connect to other databases with a little work. How can I get OpenRPT to connect to a FireBird database?

    • Ned Lilly

      Ned Lilly - 2005-04-26

      It appears that Qt does have a native driver for Firebird - called QIBASE - Borland Interbase Driver.  If that doesn't work, you can always try the QODBC3 - Open Database Connectivity Driver.

      The files you'd need to work with relate to the login screen in the common directory (login.* and loginOptions.*), which is where the connection with the database is made.

      Please let us know what you find.

      -Ned, resisting the urge to plug PostgreSQL instead ;-)


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