Precompiled MS SQL Server Version

  • sql73

    sql73 - 2006-01-16

    Hi there

    Sadly i don't have the Qt3.x enviroment. Besides that my Qt and C++ - Skills are very very bad.
    I'm using .NET/mono normally and am very impressed by the openRPT designer.

    I have now the chance to integrate it with a big ERP - solution that runs on Win32 and MS SQL 2000.

    Sadly my time is running out and i have to present a solution in 4 Days. There is pressure to use Crystal Reports but i wanna show that OS can compete as well. Just for your info openRPT ~2.6 MB CR ~550 MB. All i wanna do is to create and deploy some reports that rely on SQL Queries (imho  called Pull - Model)

    Does anybody have some windows binaries and is willing to share them?



    • sql73

      sql73 - 2006-01-16

      ...And i forgot to mention that if openRPT gets chosen we are willing to pay out bounties for some features we'll need (i think mostly low hanging fruits)


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