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  • philip_rhoades

    philip_rhoades - 2006-03-30

    Hi people,

    We are heavy users of CR but we have been reducing the number of PCs (in favour of Linux Thin Clients) and have only one Windows server - for Crystal Enterprise.  I would like to change to an Open Source application.  I have downloaded this software but the renderer does not produce any output the "" file is empty.  It is a simple query which works from the psql command line.

    Any suggestions?



    • Ned Lilly

      Ned Lilly - 2006-03-30

      Hi Phil,

      We'd need a little more information to be able to help.  For starters, maybe you could post your report definition (XML file) to the mail list (which is actually hosted at the Postgres projects site,\)

      Could you also tell us about your OS (client and server), Postgres version, etc.



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