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Where is the example Database

  • sfsf

    sfsf - 2006-11-30

    i have downloaded the csv snapshot. i have compiled the source. all works.
    but where is the database dump to insert in my mysql db ??? i want to test the samples in directory OpenRPT/data/*.xml !!!


    • Chris Ryan

      Chris Ryan - 2006-11-30

      There is no example database available. All the reports were either written to use commercial products database or be generic. I can tell you that the fonts.xml, test2.xml and test3.xml make no database queries so should work on any platform. The bctest.xml and test.xml reports should work with minimal changes on any database. dblist.xml and pagebreak.xml reference the PostgreSQL schema to query database names so will only work on PostgreSQL databases. The rest of the reports reference our commercial products database.



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