• Juaci

    Juaci - 2006-01-13

    I'm doing this way.

    SELECT id_cadc,
    FROM customer
    WHERE id_cadc = <? value("id") ?>

    In my code I put this form.

        ParameterList params;
        params.append("id", 10);
         orReport  report( "customer", params, db );

    But dosen't work, what is happening??
    Is there some bug when I send any parameters??
    The same problem is happening with the MetaSQL.

    • Chris Ryan

      Chris Ryan - 2006-01-13

      After some additonal communications off-list it was determined that the problem stemmed from the use of a '123'::varchar cast.

      The MetaSQL parser uses a prepared query method that has colons in the name of binded parameters. Because of this the use of the casting method used above causes errors. The solution is to use a different casting method such as the CAST() function, text(), or any other similar function that accmplished the desired cast.


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