Connection to Oracle database

  • Louis-Marie

    Louis-Marie - 2005-10-20


    is there anyone that already tried to connect OpenRPT
    to an Oracle database ?

    thanks in advance

    • Ned Lilly

      Ned Lilly - 2005-10-20

      Yes, Qt does have a native driver for Oracle - called QOCI.  See

      The files you'd need to work with relate to the login screen in the common directory (login.* and loginOptions.*), which is where the connection with the database is made.

      Please let us know what you find.

      -Ned, resisting the urge to plug PostgreSQL instead ;-)

    • Louis-Marie

      Louis-Marie - 2005-10-24

      Hi, thank you for your answer but I would need more information.

      I'm sorry but I'm very newby with OpenRPT and with Qt.

      - Where can I obtain QOCI ?
        I downloaded Qt (Open Source Edition) : does OpenRpt need it ?

      - What is the common directory you're talking about ?
        How to configure OpenRpt ?

      Thank you very much if you can give me more information.

      • Ned Lilly

        Ned Lilly - 2005-10-24


        Happy to help however I can...

        The common directory is one of four directories under the root directory when you unpack the openrpt tarball.

        I'm not sure if QOCI is provided with the free Qt download - there may be Oracle licensing issues.  Your best bet there is one of the Qt mail lists / support forums.



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