How to install OpenRpt on linux

  • Thangamani_arun

    Thangamani_arun - 2007-08-13

    Hi All,

    Can you please anyone have idea about installing openrpt on linux(Mandriva 10.2) using the tarred source "openrpt-2.1.0-src.tar.tar" file.Which downloaded from

    Please guide me to install on linux.

    Advance thankx

    • Chris Ryan

      Chris Ryan - 2007-08-14

      There really is no installing of OpenRPT. With the binaries compiled you simply run and use them. If you have the source then you will be required to compile the source to get the binaries. You will need a version of the Qt4 development environment installed. With Qt installed and configured correctly all you should need to do is run, in the openrpt directory, 'qmake' followed by 'make' and the entire suite of tools and applications for OpenRTP will compile.

      For best results when setting up Qt it is ideal to have PostgreSQL, or one of the other supported, database driver support. You would also require the XML modules and whichever image formats you desire.


    • Anonymous - 2007-08-24

      Yup Postgress is a must have - too many hardcoded assumptions, I'm using OpenRpt tools with Postgresql, MySql and Linux ODBC no problem - mind you i tweaked the QT4 build to get the MySql drivers


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