No text wrap within the text area object?

  • Hoondi

    Hoondi - 2006-09-11

    Is this possible at the moment?

    I searched the Docs and the word "wrap" and it is not mentioned...

    Muliple lines of text suggests to me that they may also be "long" lines of text as well...

    Is this just an OSX (10.4.7) thing or is this the case on all platforms?

    Is metaSQL's language smart enough that I could do something about it here? (\r or something)

    • Chris Ryan

      Chris Ryan - 2006-09-21

      The code does support multiple lines using the "text" object however it does it a little differently than you might expect. When you place a text object on a report you want the area to represent one line. Text will be rendered in that area just as the normal field object is however if a carriage return is encountered or if the text is too long to fit int the given horizontal space then the text object will essentially duplicate itself down and continue that way until there is no more text to print.

    • Hoondi

      Hoondi - 2006-09-25

      ah.. okay.
      So it does not textwrap within the defined text box then?

      I can see visually from my own attempts what you are explaining, but the method you have used to "capture" longs text strings is no good.
      Duplicating the textarea field on the report causes all sorts of problems....
      "duplicate itself down and continue" actually duplicates itself down, "way" down and even off the page and over existing text on a report.  I can provide examples if need be.

      A lot of databases have a "notes" tuple associated with all sorts of objects (customers, products, orders etc)
      Currently, I cannot use OpenRPT to print notes, which is a shame.

      Surely there is a c++ library available to do this quickly.

      • Ned Lilly

        Ned Lilly - 2006-10-02


        We'd welcome any thoughts or code submissions you might have.  Were you able to track down any libraries such as you're describing?



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