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Orientation Issues

  • Larry Bartash

    Larry Bartash - 2007-02-01

    I tried both linux src (compiles fine on fc6 with Qt 4.2.2) and windows v2.0.0 precompiled versions. Both seem to have issues with orientation and paper sizes.

    The report writer seems to have mild repainting issue (both platforms). Sometimes when you change the orientation or page sizes, the visual report object does not get repainted (thus showing the change) unless you try to move the section height drag bars. I have a hard time duplicating this problem, because it starts working correctly later. Then another time it happens again. Not a big deal but very strange.

    Letter portrait and letter landscape work fine on print to pdf. Letter landscape to printer either prints a blank page (on HP5Si) or it triggers a manual feed with incorrect orientation printing halfway down the page (on HP6p - like it wants me to feed the paper by the 11" edge to print it properly which is physically impossible on this printer). Legal portrait printing to pdf or to the printer comes out in letter format. Legal landscape printing to pdf comes out letter landscape. Legal landscape to the printer comes out landscape letter (Hmm, this is interesting!).

    These tests where done with just a few objects on the report. I changed the report to add more objects in different sections across the page. The results were DIFFERENT! Letter landscape is now working? Then I took the elements back off the page and tried letter landscape, and it still works. I'm confused now, what changed? Results were the same with legal both orientations and both printer and pdf outputs, they come out letter.

    • Larry Bartash

      Larry Bartash - 2007-02-19

      After doing some code review, I discover that the page size is FIXED to letter within the code, so the renderer does not honor the settings in the xml report. I have found that if I inject some rotation and transformation into the code, I can get the report to print correctly in landscape on various printers. I was even able to get it to print on a custom 3"x5" industrial label printer.

      Although I do see that you are currently working on a new renderer. This is great. I have reviewed some of this code and it looks very promising. Need someone to test?

      • Chris Ryan

        Chris Ryan - 2007-02-20

        If you owant to do some testing on the new renderer that would great. As it stands now the new renderer supports all but the Barcode and Graph entities. Everything compiles and is usable with a compile time option on the rptrender application. If you:

          cd OpenRTP/renderapp

        and do:

          qmake "DEFINES+=__USENEWRENDERER"

        then the "Print" menu option, not print to pdf at this time, will use the new renderer for testing purposes. Any additional testing that can be done on hardware that I do not have available to me would be great. This is also a good time as changes in the paradigm can be made more easily.

        The new renderer hopefully will handle printing better with Qt 4.2 as I used wrote it with that documentation, as opposed to early Qt3 for the original renderer.


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