#36 Dice rolling package changes

Die Roller (8)

Here is a diff file for the latest changes I've made to
the dice package. A reorganization of a couple of classes
has been done (in particular, ConstStr and ConstInt
have been deleted and replaced by a unified ConstExpr),
but the primary change is the addition of what is
hopefully more sane documentation.

This diff file also contains some changes that
apparently my netbeans install made to some of the
files in the nbproject directory. I didn't delete
those lines from the diff file so that you could see
what those changes would potentially have been,
although I do not know how we will keep those changes
from propogating if I am given full commit permissions
at some point in the future.

>> Mark


  • Mark Tarrabain

    Mark Tarrabain - 2006-04-08
  • Mark Tarrabain

    Mark Tarrabain - 2006-04-08
    • assigned_to: posterboy --> snowdog_
  • Todd Faris

    Todd Faris - 2006-04-09

    Logged In: YES

    Patch applied at SVN revision 49

  • Todd Faris

    Todd Faris - 2006-04-09
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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