#34 Dice rolling package

Die Roller (8)

Here's a framework for a dice package.... commented in
a hurry... hopefully it's sensible.

Let me know if it needs any work before inclusion.

>> Mark


  • Mark Tarrabain

    Mark Tarrabain - 2006-04-06


  • Mark Tarrabain

    Mark Tarrabain - 2006-04-06
    • assigned_to: posterboy --> snowdog_
  • Todd Faris

    Todd Faris - 2006-04-06

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    I've integrated it into the code at openrpg2.common.dice as
    its not really required for operation of the client or
    server. The code didn't compile under 1.4 due to
    Integer.valueOf() statements. It seems that 1.5 handles
    Intergers and int almost interchangeablely (which makes
    sense) and converts Integers to ints as required. 1.4
    doesn't do this. I replaced all troublesome instances of
    valueOf() with parseInt() as thats what it appears you
    wanted to do anyway.

    Did some minor reoganization to group vars and moved the
    constructor in DiceParser. Also renamed DiceParser.main to
    DiceParser.testDiceParser() just because main made no sense
    once integrated.

  • Todd Faris

    Todd Faris - 2006-04-06
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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