Unable to update Reminder Message.

  • I noticed that I am unable to update the Reminder Message via the Adminpanel.
    I haven't made any changes to reminder.php, and haven't changed anything tot the row in the database.

    The message I'm trying to post:

    06/01/2014 t.e.m. 31/01/2014: gesloten ruimtes kunnen niet gereserveerd worden. Deze dienen als stille studieruimte.<br />
    06/01/2014 until 31/01/2014: closed rooms can't be booked. These can be used as a silent place to study.

    Is there something wrong with the message? It's only 227bytes, so not a problem for a LONGTEXT field.

    Now I do the edit directly in the database (maybe that is the problem?)
    Without html-input, it also doesn't work. The slashes don't seem to be the problem either.

    Last edit: Lennert Holvoet 2014-01-31
  • Robert Seaton
    Robert Seaton

    This is sort of silly, but it looks like it's kicking back apostrophes. To fix this, just escape the apostrophe in "can't" so it looks like "can\'t".

    This is a workaround. Fixing this bug would require a change in /admin/reminder.php. The reminder feature was admittedly sort of thrown in, so it uses a very basic sanitizer.

  • This is indeed the problem. Good to know. Thanks for the reply.