How to implement my own controllers

  • Anonymous - 2007-04-26


    I would like to implement my own controllers on robotino. Related to this, I have two questions:

    - is it possible to bypass the PID controllers used for the three motors and directly set the motor current/voltage through the API? Or are these controllers implemented directly on the IO-Card?

    - has anyone any experience in implementing controllers for robotino that would deliver setpoints for the motor controllers as an output. I guess, one would need to use the RTAI kernel patches somehow to get a proper sampling for the controller. Our aim is to implement a dynamic position / trajectory following controller on robotino.

    Any ideas?



    • Christian Verbeek

      Hello Peter,

      You are right, the PID controllers are implemented on the microcontrollers directly on Robotino's I/O board. So this is not a PC104 issue. The API does not allow to bypass the PID controller, because the update frequency over the serial line (even using RTAI) is much to slow to implement something usefull.

      I implemented many controllers for Robotino making it following a line on the floor (using the inductive sensor), a wall (using the infrared distance sensors), an colored object (using the camera). So, it is possible to do really usefull things with the implemented PID controllers. All you have to do is using the API's setVelocity(vx,vy,omega) function.



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