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Shift-Right Open Repository / News: Recent posts

New 'Friendly' Release Format

All future Open Repository releases will be done in two formats: "Full" and "Compact". The Full releases will follow the current format where everything (and I mean everything) is included - tons of examples, third-party code, etc.

Compact releases are releases of a specific subsets of the Repositorys source code. The idea is to demonstrate functionality without overwhelming potential users. ... read more

Posted by john taylor 2003-11-03

Development snapshots now available via Perforce

Open Repository is now using an open source licensed Perforce server for its version management. See for help on getting started using Perforce with Open Repository.

Posted by john taylor 2003-03-16

New sub-project: XMK

XMK is a portable 8Bit multi-tasking kernel project that is being incorporated into the Shift-Right Open Repository. In addition, XMK has its own SourceForge project - xmk. The next release of the Open Repository will include XMK. For those in hurry, you can get the latest XMK release at:

What is XMK? Here is an excerpt from its project page:
XMK is a preemptive multi-tasking scheduler/kernel for 8bit microcontrollers. Its goal is to provide a bare bones RTOS with a small enough footprint (RAM+ROM) to run on 8bit microcontrollers.

Posted by john taylor 2003-02-15

Support for 8Bit compilers

Version 0.0.9c (October 25, 2002)
JAVA Changes:
- Fixed bug in JavaDeps when calculating dependencies for an entire

- Integrated additional toolbar icons into the repository.

C++ Changes:
- Added a asynchronous timers library.

- Added higher-level server connection and client connector interfaces
to the socket IO library.

- Added a Tee'd Line Writer interface to the streamio library.... read more

Posted by john taylor 2002-10-25

Faster JAVA Builds and new C++ Container classes

Version 0.0.9b (June 03, 2002)
JAVA Changes:
- Integrated the 'JavaDeps' package into the repository. JavaDeps is a
tool to generate dependency rules for Java sources, inspired by the
"-MM" flag of gcc. Note: The package is/was modified to facilitate
its use for BENV.

C++ Changes:
- Initial implemenation of platform independent memory-mapped files.

- Initial implementation of the the ANSI C time parse routines.... read more

Posted by john taylor 2002-06-04

New Release - Solaris and JAVA supported by BENV

Version 0.0.9a (April 19, 2002)
- New JAVA utility: jxcode. Jxcode is an extensible code generator that
can generate code for any language. Currently has templates for
generating Emorfs and FSM in both JAVA and C++
(see projects/java/tools/cmdline/jxcode).

- Ported cmdline library to JAVA.

- Ported asx library to JAVA.

- Fixed error in TinyXml list wrapper classes.... read more

Posted by john taylor 2002-04-22

New Release (Mar-13-2002)

Whats new:
Repository Source Code:
- Added platform independent time formatting routines. Supports both single and multi-thread applications.
- Integrated the third-party "pcre" regular expression library to the repository.
- Added add NumericListString interface and class.
- Added example projects that demonstrate the CTL interface and a multi-thread Metakit database engine. Projects are: projects/<host>/metakit/example/mt.
- Upgraded Metakit source to 2.4.32
- Added additional fileio routines. Now support basic create, read, write, temporary file functionality (all platform independent).
- Integrated the third-party XML parser "TinyXML" into the repository
- Added interface for platform independent shell/system access. ... read more

Posted by john taylor 2002-03-19