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Update and version bump for openrdate

Updated the arc4random from the OpenBSD project. Modified the configure to determine whether or not sysctl should be used (thanks to Dr. Markus Waldeck from the Debian project). Seems sysctl is being deprecated. So, configure now checks whether you're running linux, and then what version you're running. If the version is >= 2.6.19, read from urandom instead of sysctl.

Posted by dAs 2008-11-21

Updated and new release of openrdate

Updated rdate to the latest version of OpenBSD's rdate. Reconfigured the Makefiles in order to get rid of some Makefiles (primarily in docs) which I didn't need in the first place.

Posted by dAs 2007-11-11

Updated arc4random.c

Updated the arc4random.c file to the latest OpenBSD version. Only had a _minor_ change to get it working.

Posted by dAs 2006-10-02

Restructured version of openrdate

Updated the file directory and source locations. It isn't really necessary for such a small file, but it did give me a chance to mess with CVS a little more (never done file movements in CVS).

Posted by dAs 2006-09-29

New release of openrdate

Updated the openrdate code to the latest version on OpenBSD.

Posted by dAs 2006-09-20

First release of openrdate

Posted the first package and CVS check-in of the openrdate package. Need to workout how to do CVS tagging, but so far, so good.

Posted by dAs 2005-03-07