QUASAR Persistence 1.3.1 released

QUASAR Persistence is an object-relational persistence-manager written in Java. Persistent objects and the corresponding or-mapping are described in a model. Instances of persistence classes can interact with the database and can be queried with a language that is oriented at the object model. QUASAR Persistence has an open architecture, is J2EE conform, and can be run standalone or be integrated in EJB application servers.
This bugfix release is distributed as several packages ready for download. Visit the german website at OpenQuasar for detailed information.

Major changes are:

* Permutation of database connections caused inconsistent data records
* Changes on attribute values were not applied if in a subtransaction all entities of a multi-valued relation were first deleted and then added to other entities
* Changes to single-value relations caused inconsistent records unless cascading delete was activated
* In connection with nested transactions repeated attempts where made to make newly-created entities persistent, what led to integrity violations on the database.
* When using the PersistenceConnectionManager, a deadlock situation arose when the maximum number of database connections was exceeded and then a connection was released.
* When using a root mapping strategy, queries with joins along inheritance hierarchies returned wrong result sets
* Persistent objects that are optimistically locked can now be deleted
* It was not possible to create a persistent object with an optimistic lock mode
* The exception handling in generel has been reviewed and revised

Posted by DianaH 2003-12-19

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