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Linux version of the playable game

Due to popular demand we released an intermediate Linux package. Binary only and ready for download. Grab it at:

Posted by Toddd 2004-06-25

New pak file!

I added new "legit" sounds and 3 new maps to the pak. void3, void6, and vtest. Vtest is a sound testing map more than a deathmatch map, however, I did put some dm starts and some items in it to be deathmatch worthy. Check it out at

Posted by Mapes 2003-08-28

New maps coming and updated sounds!

I'm a new project manager and plan to update some of the files to get OpenQuartz a fully functional DeathMatch game. With sounds and all. I have 1 new map "void3" which will be in the new pak. If you have anything you want to submit, let me know at thanks.

Posted by Mapes 2003-04-23

Hack and Slash mailing list

I have created a new mailing list to discuss development of the Hack and Slash game which inherits some code and content from Open Quartz:

Posted by Seth Galbraith 2001-06-01

Open Quartz Test

Check out the Open Quartz Test - which can be run as a stand-alone game (i.e. Quake is not required) available at

Posted by Seth Galbraith 2001-05-02

Open Quartz going again !!

After some stagnating and general missplacement of time, we are going again. Some coding skills are needed as well as Quake level designers and some 3D modelers for monsters. 2D artsist welcome too.

To see what we've done so far visit

Join the fun in creating Free game data for you're favorite killing machine.

Posted by Henti Smith 2000-08-15

Quartz is open

The Open Quartz Project is now open.

If you have any art ( graphics, modeling, animation, sound ) skills we need you. help us create GPL'ed artwork to create a Complete GPL game based around the GPL'ed Quake SourceCode.

Henti / bain

Posted by Henti Smith 2000-01-23