Which q1 bsp tools?

  • Martin Cracauer

    Martin Cracauer - 2000-01-24

    I'm having probkems creating maps using the tools from

    I compiled them on FreeBSD (I put the changed source with GNUmakefiles
    on http://seagull.cdrom.com:8000/tmp/quake/\).

    However, loading *.bsp files compiled with these utils result in:

      FindFile: ./id1/maps/test1.bsp
      Error: Bad surface extents

    This is both in QuakeForge-0.10.0pre and in
    quake.x11-1.0-i386-unknown-linux2.0.tar.gz (latest Zoid x11qauke I
    know of).

    Windows Quake 1.09 will load the map without aborting, but visuals are
    messed up (pixels will never be deleted when once drawed).

    So, what do you guys (and girls?) use? What I am doing wrong? Is the
    qutils stuff for Quake2 only, maybe?

    • Mapes

      Mapes - 2003-04-20

      I use regular ones I have downloaded off the web.

      I also use IKlite from www.planetquake.com/ikq.  The lighting program is very good and has specail style for lighting.



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