#3 pak0 module can't compile b_batt0.bsp - missing QuArK.wad


The pak0 module in CVS can't compile b_batt0.bsp.

Running "make" in the pak0 module does build pak files
that includes b_batt0.bsp (because b_batt0.bsp is
included in CVS), but it cannot build b_batt0.bsp by
itself, because a necessary file -- QuArK.wad -- is not
part of the distribution. Moreover, I cannot find
QuArK.wad in my version of QuArK or anywhere on the

While b_batt0.bsp may not be important, I think this
error is keeping away potential contributors. I have
seen posts to this in the openquartz-general mailing
list of people asking for help on this. I, myself,
would have joined the project a year ago, but I
encountered this error and didn't know how to continue.

Note that b_batt0.bsp isn't the only bsp that can't be
compiled. It's just the first one that "make"
complains about.

The output from "make maps/b_batt0.map" follows:

../utils/qutils/bin/qbsp maps/b_batt0.map
---- qbsp ---- (Jul 29 2004)
Original source from id software
portions copyright Alexander Malmberg

This version of qbsp supports detail brushes and will
only work with versions
of vis that support detail brushes.

This version of qbsp also supports HINT and SKIP brushes.
qdir: /home/dcostanz/openquartz-CVS/pak0/maps/
gamedir: /home/dcostanz/openquartz-CVS/pak0/maps
outputfile: maps/b_batt0.bsp
--- LoadMapFile ---
3 brushes (0 detail)
1 entities
2 miptex
4 texinfo
building hulls sequentially...
--- Brush_LoadEntity ---
1 brushes read
---- CSGFaces ----
6 brushfaces
6 csgfaces
6 mergedfaces
----- SolidBSP -----
6 split nodes
1 solid leafs
6 empty leafs
0 water leafs
6 leaffaces
6 nodefaces
----- portalize ----
----- FillOutside ----
Hullnum 1: No entities in empty space -- no filling
Hullnum 2: No entities in empty space -- no filling
Hullnum 0: No entities in empty space -- no filling
--- FinishBSPFile ---
WriteBSPFile: maps/b_batt0.bsp
************ ERROR ************
Error opening
/home/dcostanz/openquartz/pak0/maps/gfx/QuArK.wad: No
such file or directory


  • David Costanzo

    David Costanzo - 2004-08-01

    Logged In: YES

    QuArK.wad isn't the only missing wad file. maps/am1.bsp
    fails to compile with the following error:

    Error opening d:/oq/wads/tex.wad: No such file or directory

  • Mapes

    Mapes - 2004-08-05

    Logged In: YES

    The map was exported from Quark, Quark imports textures
    and when a map is compiled, it generates its own wad
    containing the textures used for the map.

    When exported, it still contained the wad path for the
    quark.wad. This should be an easy fix.

  • David Costanzo

    David Costanzo - 2004-08-08

    Logged In: YES

    I have received several emails from project members saying
    that Open Quartz does not and will not support building all
    the bsp from map files (and likewise for .mdl files).
    Instead, Open Quartz will build what it can and skip the rest.

    I have added targets to the pak0 makefile that skip over
    files which cannot be compiled. This serves two purposes.
    First, it documents the problematic .map files in case we
    want to go back and fix them. Second, the build doesn't
    break if the timestamps get messed up (for example, if you
    load b_batt0.map in QuArK).

    I consider this a stop-gap solution. I will continue try to
    get all .map files to build.

  • David Costanzo

    David Costanzo - 2004-08-08

    Logged In: YES

    Mapes is right. The .map files have a "wad" directive can
    be changed to point to free_wad.wad. I have tested that
    this works by getting start.map to compile again. (There is
    at least one missing texture in start.bsp that I haven't
    tracked down yet).

    b_batt0.map is not as straight-forward. It looks like it
    wants to use textures from free_wad.wad, but the names have
    changed. For example, it uses "*gold" and "blak", and
    free_wad.wad contains "gold" and "black". Also, because it
    is just a static model, not a full map, vis refused to run.

    Can anyone confirm that I can just change the names of the
    textures in b_batt0.map? Can anyone confirm that it's okay
    not to run "vis", but we should still run "light"? How will
    I know if the resulting b_batt0.bsp is correct? Where does
    b_batt0.bsp fit into the game?

    For reference, these are the maps that don't compile:

  • David Costanzo

    David Costanzo - 2004-08-12

    Logged In: YES

    After the latest set of changes to CVS (merging of WAD
    files, changing the .map files to include free_wad.wad), our
    build system can now compile every .bsp file that is
    included in the .pak files.

    Our build system still can't compile some .bsp files that
    are not included in our pak files. It can't compile the
    ones that end in ish.bsp, ukpak4.bsp, and nsa.bsp. Some of
    them have missing textures, some of them leak, and nsa.map
    does not exist.

  • Toddd

    Toddd - 2004-08-12
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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