Updates on the openQRM Packaging System

We have just commited some updates and enhancements to the Packaging System within the openQRM sources.
Those updates are fully enabling openQRM for .deb and .rpm packaging. The resulting openQRM packages are using the same update mechanism as the installation/update from the sources. This means it will be fully save and robust to simply update the installed openQRM package with a newer version via the regular package manager.

We have tested the package-build and the resulting packages on the following distributions :
- Debian 6
- Ubuntu 12.04
- CentOS 6
- OpenSuse 12.02

Also included in this update is an initial support for the OpenSuse/Suse Linux Distribution!
Our focus for the next releases of openQRM is to make it even more simple for everybody to install/update openQRM trough the normal package management system.

Because of those useful updates we have created a new minor openQRM version 5.0.1 which is available on the openQRM Project Site on sf.net.
-> https://sourceforge.net/projects/openqrm

We need your help!
Because of the above mentioned updates we are actively searching for a new openQRM Package-Maintainer for the Community Edition.
The Package-Maintainers tasks are to build packages for the supported distribution Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS/OpenSuse and to provide those packages on a dedicated Community package-repository (yum/apt/zypper). If you have your own build-systems, good, if not we can provide those for you. Same regarding the webspace for the package repositories.
You are familiar with rpm/deb packages and want to make yourself a name in the openQRM Community? Please contact us!

Also we would like to encourage everyone to help with testing the package-build system and the packages themselves!

The Debian and Ubuntu packages are created using "pbuilder" by running "make deb" in the src/ directory ("make debsource" creates the Debian/Ubuntu source package). The CentOS and OpenSuse/Suse packages are created using "rpmbuild" by running "make rpm" in the src/ directory. To avoid any downloads on your Build-Server please run "make" in the src/ dir on another system. This creates a src/../buildtmp/ directory containing all downloads.
Now copy over src/ and src/../buildtmp to your Build-Server and it won't download any files during the package creation.

Many thanks, have a nice day and enjoy openQRM 5.0,

Matt Rechenburg
Project Manager openQRM

Posted by Matt 2013-01-12

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