#1 Feature request - gentoo support


Would love to see openqrm ported to gentoo. In
addition to the HA and provisioning features, the
ability to manage multiple servers through your
shared images would make managing large gentoo bases
much easier


  • Anonymous - 2006-01-14
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Anonymous - 2006-01-14

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    Hi Jordan,

    Great idea. This is something we’ve been discussing but
    haven’t made much progress on. Simply put, we still have a
    lot to complete for a successful project release at the end
    of this month.

    That said, I think the first order of business is to get
    together a few members from the community to install the
    current release manually and document any installation
    issues. Once we know what issues (if any) are involved, we
    can start plotting out the path to implementing an e-build.

    I’ll start a thread covering openQRM on Gentoo in the
    development forum later today. That way we can start the
    process (and related discussions) out in the open where
    everyone can contribute.


  • Matt

    Matt - 2006-03-28

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    An idea is to provide "openQRM-GRP" packages.
    (as i remember there were build-issues about the java-engine
    for ebuilds in Gentoo)

    Afaik those "GRP" packages are additional, optional, binary
    packages for Gentoo. Tthey are not going to be compiled
    during emerge.

    While testing openQRM on gentoo i used rpm2targz which
    transforms an rpm-package to a generic .tgz package. I ran
    it on the openQRM-rpm packages and unzipped the resulting
    tar.gz files in / of the Gentoo system. Then i proceed in
    the usual way with the openQRM-installation.

    -> Maybe we can use this or a similar method to provide
    Gentoo packages.


  • Anonymous - 2006-04-02
    • status: open --> closed

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