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FAQ suggestions

  • Mario Giammarco

    Mario Giammarco - 2009-01-20


    I see that the project is missing some faq. I am suggesting these, please feel free to add/modify them. Please also reply to them!


    How many network interfaces can have openqrm resources ?

    How many partitions can have openqrm images? Can they use LVM?

    Can I use openqrm server from a virtual machine?

    I have already a dhcp server, can I use it with openqrm?

    I have already a nfs/iscsi server, can I use it with openqrm?

    I have already a vmware/xen/other server, can I use it for openqrm?

    Can I put my private os  in a virtual machine that runs on a virtualization server managed via open?

    In internet I can find several virtual machines ready for use: can I import/adapt them in openqrm?

    I have a windows/linux pc, can I put it under openqrm control and move its os to another pc?

    Linux vserver has no loopback user interface, how can an image migrated from xen/vmare can work in vserver?

    • Matt

      Matt - 2009-01-21

      Hey Mario,

      :) this is GREAT !! All good faq questions.
      We will put them up on a wiki page asap (of course plus the answers).

      Many thanks for your contribution !

      have a great day + all the best,



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