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  • Anonymous - 2006-03-05

    By: Thomas Lockney - tlockney
    Various questions  
    2006-03-04 22:53

    I've been reading through the various docs on this site and trying to get my head around all the details of installation and configuration of OpenQRM. I know the project is still young and there seems to be a lot of effort to make the documentation as complete as possible, but I've come across a few things that I thought I'd mention/ask about.

    1. In the Quick Start Guide, the section that describes the DHCP configuration is not entirely clear. Where it mentions the next-server line, it says "[tftp-server-ip/qrm-server-ip]". Is that saying that if you use a separate tftp server to use that IP, otherwise to use the OpenQRM server IP?

    2. Later in that same document, under "Creating a custom boot-image", the command to create the boot image is given without clear explanations of what the options mean. I know these are described elsewhere, but it would be really helpful to have them explained in this context.

    3. Again, under "Creating a custom filesystem-image" there is no clear explanation of the options.

    4. The next section covers virtual environments but it's not really clear what, exactly, a virtual environment is in the context of OpenQRM. In fact, this is a more general issue with a number of the concepts in these docs. Some sort of system overview and/or, at the very least, a glossary would be helpful.

    5. Under "Network setup", it explains to setup a separate VLAN for the OpenQRM network. Why? I think I know why, but some explanation of this would be helpful. Also, does this specifically need to be a VLAN or will any other isolated net do?

    More soon on some of the other documentation... ;~)

    • Anonymous - 2006-03-05

      Thanks for the notes on the documentation. I can’t wait to get more input from you so we can make openQRM’s documentation better. However, since the team is broken up by both skill, project responsibility, and geography, it would be helpful to us if you wouldn’t mind making individual post in the future so that we can keep the threads as focused as possible (and not have 8 different people carrying on multiple conversations under the same thread).

      In the meantime, I’m taking a closer look at the documentation to get some answers for you.

      Thanks again for the help,

    • Thomas Lockney

      Thomas Lockney - 2006-03-06

      I'll try to break them up, however, all of these questions pertain to one document (though some make reference to the other documents), so it made sense to keep them organized under one heading.

      Do you still prefer that I break them up in the future?

      Also, btw, I found my answer to #4 in the FAQ, it might be helpful, though, in addition to the FAQ to have some form of overview document that discusses the structure, concepts and architecture of OpenQRM.

    • Thomas Lockney

      Thomas Lockney - 2006-03-07

      Still no response?

    • Anonymous - 2006-03-17

      Hey Thomas,

      I haven't had time to look at this and I'm not sure why there hasn't been a reply. I do know the developers are very busy with the new plug-ins we’re releasing. I'll look into it asap and post a reply here.

      Thanks in advance for your patience,


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