Backup and Restore

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I wish openQRM Support Backup and Restore

    • Matt

      Matt - 2006-09-03


      ok, cool. Thank you for your suggestion !
      Would you please eloborate your needs a bit more ?
      Since openQRM is about imaging your servers onto a strorage server, the backup-taks is more or less taking care of backing up your storage server(s).
      For this purpose there are many available open-source and commercial solutions.
      What exactly do you expect from the backup-restore support ?

      many thanks + all the best,


    • James Cardinal

      James Cardinal - 2008-10-21

      Hi Matt,

      How about having multiple snapshots for each Host/Guest VM as a restore option? Plus a feature where you can schedule backup of VM images on remote/local storage servers?


      • Matt

        Matt - 2008-10-21

        Hi again James,

        :) yep, you can already do this with openQRM. Just create an image per snapshot of the image-volume and then you can juggle the different images in an appliance.
        The backup option is a good idea, have to think about it.

        many thanks + stay tuned,



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