Please add tooltips for resource states

  • StephenKing

    StephenKing - 2009-04-15


    for a beginner it's really hard to understand the different states, which resources can have:
    * green checkmark (resource up and running appliance)
    * red sign "no way" (or how is called in english? and what does it mean?)
    * grey bullet (unknown resource?)
    * orange bullet (rebooting?)

    So a tooltip to get the state in words would be a really nice enhancement.


    • Matt

      Matt - 2009-04-16

      Hi Steffen,

      yeah, good idea. There are even more things on the UI frontend which we would like to enhance to make the more useable and intiutive. Still we are just a small (busy) team which is currently missing a real web-designer (html/css/javascript) to progress with the UI.
      -> If you know anybody (maybe yourself) who would like to help us on that please let me know.

      Will put the tooltip on the todo list next to the user UI enhancemnts ;) soon come.

      About the states :
      - green means "active" and "deployed"
      - orange means "in transition"
      - yellow means "unknown" and "not being" checked (this is e.g. to be able to add custom third party storage server as resources by their mac+ip, manually added resources are not being monitored for this reason)
      - white/grey means "idle". The idle state is somewhat special to openQRM. It means that the server is net-booted into openQRM and that it is now "ready for deployment"
      Resources in "idle" state are e.g. being automatically taken and assinged by openQRM in case of a HA event for fail-over or by the Cloud to pick the best fitting resource for a request.

      hope it helps + have a great day,



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