Again about GlusterFS

  • Kirill_AGA

    Kirill_AGA - 2011-08-05

    Hi openQRM team, hi Matt

    In the roadmap for 4.9 you've mentioned GlusterFS plugin… Can you share a bit more detailed info about the plugin, what could/should be stored there, which GusterFS distribution will be used (standalone or packaged)… I'm currently looking for the storage backend for openQRM and I've already tested GlusterFS (with pile of workarounds, though), so I would say out-of-the-box GlusterFS does not fit openQRM concept, because its a filesystem, not a block device and as NFS backend GlusterFS is working with significant drawbacks, honestly speaking it's not suitable for root-on-NFS, due to fileid issues.

    So my main question is simle: "If GlusterFS for openQRM, then exactly HOW?"

    Thanx in advance,

  • Matt

    Matt - 2011-08-08

    Hi Kirill,

    yes, you are welcome. openQRM Enterprise enhanced the kvm-storage and xen-storage plugin to support block-files as VM image backend. That way glusterfs makes sense again ;)
    btw: those enhancements/updates will be sponsored for the next openQRM release.

    many thanks and have a great day,

    Matt Rechenburg
    CEO openQRM Enterprise


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