Plugin system based on bash?

Jiri Musil
  • Jiri Musil

    Jiri Musil - 2009-08-14


    I'm quite new to OpenQRM, thanks for that, it's very good piece of soft. I was looking into the code, searching how plugins work and I was quite surprised that all (almost) plugins are based on bash. I expected that in some cases (Citrix, Vmware) API's will be used rather than bash scripts using platforms' CLIs.

    Is that because you needed the plugins before the API's was created. Or is there any diferrent reason (more stability, simplicity)?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Matt

      Matt - 2009-08-18

      Hi Jiri,

      :) nice to hear you like openQRM. thanks.
      And yep, most plugin interfaces are written in shell scripts.
      The reason for that is that we experienced that the API's for new technologies are changing frequently. Meaning they are in most of the time getting better but the integration will always depends on a specific API version. Shell scripts make the the developement of needed adaptions/updates easy, fast and robust.
      You are absolutely right by your assumption that we do it for more stability and simplicity.
      Less complexity also means less bugs ;)

      many thanks + stay tuned,


      • Jiri Musil

        Jiri Musil - 2009-08-20

        Hi Matt,

        thank you very much for the answer. Yep, I was quite supprissed at the beginning, but it really makes perfect sense.

        Have a nice weekend a lot of success with OpenQRM,

        • Matt

          Matt - 2009-08-26

          :) thx + enjoy


  • Anonymous - 2010-05-17

    Hi Matt,
    If I may make some comments on this topic also.
    I do agree that simplicity is very important for making stable and reliable software, but I don't agree it should be done for the sake of usability. For example, in the case of VMWare ESX you are using unsupported feature through a passwordless ssh session. I don't say it doesn't work. My point here is that using such a way for connecting leaves a lot of security issues, also this makes configuration of the ESX servers quite more difficult. 
    Especially for this case the usage of the APIs makes the work much more easy and gives a lot more control of the systems. There is also a better security. Plus the APIs are quite stable (at least the released ones), after all this is the whole idea to have APIs, to give the outside world something that can be reliably used for interacting with some piece of software. Another advantage of using the APIs is that you can use all the features provided by the ESX server (I am talking about it, because I have a better overview of it sine I tried several other cloud implementations with different ways of connecting to the ESX ) in quite a standard way giving you more control of the server and its various functionalities.

    Saying all this I do want to stress that I really like what you have done with openQRM. I really like it, and just want to make it even better. It is by far the best open source solution that has support for VMWare ESX, very nice and usable user interface, modular interface, allowing it to be easily extensible.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Matt

    Matt - 2010-05-20

    Hi bobya,

    fully agree with you :) we just need to find time + contributors to start

    greetz + best,

    Matt Rechenburg
    Project Manager openQRM


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