DHCP forwarding using Cisco Routers

  • Ofir

    Ofir - 2006-04-14

    When network booting, the node's network card broadcasts a request for an IP address. A DHCP server then replies with an IP address for the node and a "next server" which contains the required boot code.
    When the network is partitioned into multiple physical networks or into multiple VLANs, the node and the DHCP server might be in different "networks"  and the broadcast request might not automatically reach the DHCP server.

    To enable network boot in such an environment, the  network router must be configured to forward the DHCP requests to the relevant server.

    Using Cisco routers, this is called "DHCP Relay". The following link provides detailed instructions on setting it up:

    • Ofir

      Ofir - 2006-04-14

      Just to note that the sourceforge forum software mangled the "automatic link", so please copy and paste the entire line instead of clicking the link...


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