using aoe ubuntu 8.10 udev/rules

  • Wolfgang Egert

    Wolfgang Egert - 2009-04-19

    using openqrm with aoe plugin in ubuntu 8.10 doesn't work
    reason missing udev/rules fpr the aoe subsystem

    inserting a file for example "/etc/udev/rules.d/60-aoe.rules"


    # aoe char devices
    SUBSYSTEM=="aoe", KERNEL=="discover", NAME="etherd/%k", GROUP="disk", MODE="0220"
    SUBSYSTEM=="aoe", KERNEL=="err", NAME="etherd/%k", GROUP="disk", MODE="0440"
    SUBSYSTEM=="aoe", KERNEL=="interfaces", NAME="etherd/%k", GROUP="disk", MODE="0220"
    SUBSYSTEM=="aoe", KERNEL=="revalidate", NAME="etherd/%k", GROUP="disk", MODE="0220"

    # aoe block devices
    KERNEL=="etherd*", NAME="%k", GROUP="disk"

    will fix the problem.
    During create of names with the lvm_storage plugin, dont use "_" or "-" with the names of the image. The device would not found during boot of the client.

    • Matt

      Matt - 2009-04-19

      Hi Wolfgang,

      :) great report and many thanks for the patch.
      Will apply soon and let you know so you can re-check it.

      many thanks + have a nice day,


    • Matt

      Matt - 2009-05-21

      Hi Wolfgang,

      took some time but we just applied your patch for the aoe- and lvm-storage plugin. Code is commited in the svn.
      It would be great if you test it again to see if it now working ok for you out-of-the-box.

      many thanks again + have a great day,


      • PCaddict

        PCaddict - 2009-05-24

        hi i try the svn to start the aoe at boot without sucess on lenny. I look the change and googling about udev all the day long to found a hint. When i look your code if im ok you add the udev aoe rules just before the modprobe aoe. but when i look on the net he tell to reload the rules for udev see the new rules with udevadm --console reload_rules. So i try this and i was not able to populate the /dev/etherd. i see the ata lun but its complaint that not have any /dev/etherd/discover. so i add the rules to the default-initrd image and reboot my appliance. no luck that still not working. so i still looking for a way to get its work

        • PCaddict

          PCaddict - 2009-05-26

          i make more test , i put udev in debug mode , and trace all the boot process. when a start a appliance. He detect the aoe storage put in in sysfs , load the rule correctly but is not applied it... so i not figure out why... so i made manually the dev with aoe-mkdevs and aoe-mkshelfs with removing the udev detection and get it working. Is not the way to do but its done the job. So now i can boot with aoe and transfert image to aoe etc... and i put in the files
          /usr/lib/openqrm/plugins/lvm-storage/web/root-mount.lvm-aoe-deployment this

                  # load aoe related modules
                  mkdir /dev/etherd
                  #create node manually
                  aoe-mkdevs /dev/etherd
                  modprobe aoe

          so for someone who want make test with aoe it's work

          • Matt

            Matt - 2009-06-03

            Hi PCaddict,

            thanks for reporting ! re-testing your changes is on my todo list :)

            have a great day + stay tuned,


    • Wolfgang Egert

      Wolfgang Egert - 2009-08-10

      Hello Matt,

      openqrm 4.5 on a ubuntu 9.04 works fine. the usage of aoe works out of the box after installing the vblade package with apt-get.

      thanks for the integration

      • Matt

        Matt - 2009-08-11

        Hi Wolfgang,

        :) thanks for your feedback. Great to know that it is working out-of-the-box.

        greetz + best,



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