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  • Thomas Lockney

    Thomas Lockney - 2006-03-05

    I've been reading through the various docs on this site and trying to get my head around all the details of installation and configuration of OpenQRM. I know the project is still young and there seems to be a lot of effort to make the documentation as complete as possible, but I've come across a few things that I thought I'd mention/ask about.

    1. In the Quick Start Guide, the section that describes the DHCP configuration is not entirely clear. Where it mentions the next-server line, it says "[tftp-server-ip/qrm-server-ip]". Is that saying that if you use a separate tftp server to use that IP, otherwise to use the OpenQRM server IP?

    2. Later in that same document, under "Creating a custom boot-image", the command to create the boot image is given without clear explanations of what the options mean. I know these are described elsewhere, but it would be really helpful to have them explained in this context.

    3. Again, under "Creating a custom filesystem-image" there is no clear explanation of the options.

    4. The next section covers virtual environments but it's not really clear what, exactly, a virtual environment is in the context of OpenQRM. In fact, this is a more general issue with a number of the concepts in these docs. Some sort of system overview and/or, at the very least, a glossary would be helpful.

    5. Under "Network setup", it explains to setup a separate VLAN for the OpenQRM network. Why? I think I know why, but some explanation of this would be helpful. Also, does this specifically need to be a VLAN or will any other isolated net do?

    More soon on some of the other documentation... ;~)


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